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The Need for Legal Representation in Divorce Conciliation Proceedings and Litigation

Divorce Conciliation Proceedings

In divorce conciliation proceedings, the advice and assistance of counsel are essential in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

During conciliation proceedings, the attorney makes arguments to conciliators on behalf of the client in order to reach a fair and advantageous settlement. The attorney acts in the best interests of the client and does not support the opposing party.

Conciliators are not specialists in law and do not act on behalf of either party. It is the attorney who acts on behalf of the client.


When the division of property is a major issue in a divorce conciliation, the correct disclosure and calculation of assets are critical. Counsel applies for an ancillary petition for the disclosure of assets. Once the assets have been disclosed, the attorney then appraises the value of the assets. Specialist legal knowledge and experience are essential for fair and advantageous settlements.


In order to start a new life after divorce, it is necessary to obtain a proper division of property, and only counsel can help you achieve this.


We strongly recommend that you have an attorney represent you in conciliation proceedings.


Divorce Litigation

In divorce litigation, the petitioner needs to submit a complaint to the court. The other party must then file a written answer at the court.

These are legal documents, and legal knowledge and experience are necessary to draft them.  

The parties are required to assert their claims in writing.  

Without the services of an attorney, it is extremely difficult to argue legal claims effectively and achieve an advantageous settlement.


We strongly recommend that you have an attorney represent you in divorce litigation.


Only attorneys are qualified to act as counsel in the Family Court.


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